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London web design
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Awesome web design

Web design and development are our genuine passion here at ‘Cook a website’, an on-line based web design agency from London. We are truly passionate about what we do and how we deliver. Quality,creativity and awesomeness are some of our secret ingredients.

Our inspiration came while working within a tech-concept here at Google Campus, London. We became motivated to produce quality web design. Ever since we have helped many SME & start-ups to uplift their on-line presence and continue to do so.

What we do

seoseo services

Web Design
web designwebsite design

Branding & Identity
logo brand identity

food photophotography service

Creative Video

Social Media Marketing
social mediasocial media marketing

You can benefit from an ‘A’ to ‘Z’ solutions for all your web presence needs.Our clients feel they achieved better quality without compromising their budget.We offer valued packaged services for SME’s and Start-ups,please stay connected with our social media or contact us for more details.

Latest web designs


Our Approach | Web Development

SEO friendly

Our web design is complimented with optimum searchability,we use industry standard guidelines while optimising websites to be found organically.Our approach includes but not limiting to
  • Sitemap submission

  • Keywords strategy

  • Cross linking

  • Blogging support

Bespoke Development

We provide bespoke web development solutions,our core area of development includes various leading CMS, web-apps,mobile-apps,custom build CMS in Symphony,CakePhp,etc.
  • Android

  • iOS

  • Windows

  • Bespoke CMS

Cloud Engineered

Secret to our success depends on robust server.Google uses ‘page-loading speed’ & ‘Security’ as an important factor on ‘page-ranking’.Our cloud environment meets
  • Scalability

  • Faster loading

  • Optimum Caching

  • Added security

Our Approach | Web design

Engaging Contents

‘Content is the King’ when it comes to any web design. On an ever growing ‘information-overload’ we ensure the content we use are ‘fit for purpose’.
  • Informative & educative

  • Strategically positioned

  • Precise and relative

  • Engaging and inviting

Responsive Design

‘Responsive web design’ is a single web design that fits responsively across web enabled devices.Today it is paramount to have responsive web design.

  • Y|Y web traffic growth, Jan 2015

  • Desktops were -13%

  • Mobiles were 37%+

  • Tablets were 7%+

Interactive Features

Interactivity plays a major role in web browsing experience. We use dynamic features that empowers the ‘end user’ to remain engaged with your website.

  • Interact

  • Participate

  • Share

  • Navigate