Cafe32Coleman is an independent Organic Cafe at the heart of City of London.They wanted a simple responsive website that showcase their items while maintaining their identity.


1.Responsive website which is simple yet elegant.

2.Designed menu to be accessible from the website.

3.Photography of their products.

4.Showcasing their testimonials.

5.Social media.

How did we help?

Photography & Design

1.We arranged a photo-shoot which would best fit for the website design

2.We re-designed some of the images in Photoshop .

3.We designed simple menus for Breakfast,Lunch and Delivery.

Website design

1.We designed a responsive website with bespoke images.

2.We included animated testimonials of their customers within the home page.

3.We maintained the organic theme of their concept across the website

4.We enabled simple social media buttons.

5.We also helped the client with a complimentary one month’s Social Media marketing in Twitter.


The client was extremely satisfied with our delivery and has complimented our efforts with the following feedback.

“I’m extremely satisfied with the delivery of the web-design which is simple and resonates with what we do,thank you.”

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