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Purple Potato Catering is a bespoke premium catering company.They have been trading over a decade.


1.A tablet and mobile friendly website was their priority.

2.Their old website wasn’t helping them getting the message across to their customers.

3.They needed to stand out from their competitors .

How did we help?


1.We re-designed their logo with unique strap-line (‘Bespoke catering’) and their establishment date.

2.We empowered the logo with custom fonts and vintage illustration.

Uplifting website

1.We designed a responsive website

2.We maintained content strategy in a simplified manner.

3.We used various CSS and other designs skills to achieve design aesthetics

4.We implemented interactive elements that is engaging for the end user


1.The client was extremely satisfied with our delivery and has complimented our efforts.

2.Since re-launch of his new website he has been receiving more enquiries.

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